SARMs and Steroids: A Guide

SARMS stands for selective androgen receptor modulator. They are drugs which are similar to anabolic steroids. Some include Ostarine, andarine, Cardarine among others.

Follistatin therapy which uses steroid and the SARMs may lead to substantial muscle gains. Steroids are chemical compounds which are used to harness muscles of the body. They are mainly used by the athletes to enhance their performance. These anabolic steroids have lots dangerous effects to the health of a person. Many of these effects can be reversible while others are permanent. The body may retain its normal state after completing the cure. The lasting side effects are life-threatening and may require surgical operations to heal. These steroids can be lethal. The effects are either be physiological, physical or mental.

SARMs are the chemical compounds which offer benefits of the traditional steroids. They lead to increased testosterone, muscle mass, and bone density. They also lead to loss of fat in the body of the user. They lower the tendency of producing unwanted side effects which come along with the steroids. They harness the benefits of steroids while reducing the undesirable side effects. These SARMs increase lean muscle growth, prevent muscle loss during weight loss and cutting, and promote injury rehabilitation. The SARMs have the same effects as testosterone where they can increase libido levels. They do not lead to liver toxicity.

It is important to note that strong and big muscles need a lot of involving gym work. Genes can now be manipulated to promote muscle therapy. Gene therapy has been used to enable drugs to reach the designated organs. Several treatments are being used to treat patients with severe muscular dystrophy as well as other disorders for muscle wasting. Follistatin is one of the substances used in this therapy. It is ejected with a viral vector so that it can transport the drug to require site. Read more claims about steroids at .

Ostarine is an example of a SARMs which is being developed to help in the treatment of muscle disorders. Another compound under study is the codename Mk 2866. They are SARMs which have better effects on the muscles and the body as well. Bodybuilders can use the SARMs like Andrine because the other steroids have been banned from use. Sarms have positive effects on the body.

Steroids have severe side effects as they can lead to reducing night vision. The steroids can lead to pimples, acne, oily skin, cholesterol imbalance, enlarged heart, infertility, less sperm production, among others. The SARMs are more desirable as compared to the anabolic steroids